The current academic year is not closed yet. Schools will reopen immediately if Kovis is in control


Despite the closure of schools across the country due to the Kovic crisis, television and radio stations have been set up to allow students to continue learning from their homes. Radio Ko Lay Win, director-general of the Department of Basic Education, said he was planning to broadcast lessons through an online platform.

Education TV is currently broadcasting some lessons, and will soon be broadcast on state-owned television channels such as Voice of Burma. It is said that it is planning to broadcast new lessons on TV channels such as Myawaddy and private TV stations.

“Home-based education will be conducted in accordance with the policy of ensuring that children do not lose their right to learning,” he said. Digital lessons for high school will be published soon with the relevant departments. Currently, the lessons already recorded in Grade 11 will be broadcast. This is both short-term and long-term. ” U Lay Win said.

The regular school year began on June 1, but this year, due to Kovikap, the high schools opened on July 21 and closed in August. Ko Lay Win, director-general of the Department of Basic Education, said that despite the 10-month academic year, it has been closed until October of this year, with only five months left in the regular school year.

“Even though there are only five months left in the study period, if the control of Kovis is good, will you take the holidays in the remaining five months if necessary?” This has not been said yet. It is up to the national level to decide on the epidemic situation. If you do not have the opportunity to learn, you will lose the desire to learn. Whether you have an academic year or not, learning is not lost. So, in any case, we should continue to do whatever we can to learn. ” U Lay Win also suggested.

The Ministry of Education has said that schools across the country will be reopened if the epidemic is brought under control due to Kovik Kaporaga.