Orangutans are the only species that can relive the past


Dogs Cats The fish are a reflection of past events. The past cannot be recounted. It seems that only humans can do that. But now, according to a new study, this need not change. Orangutan females usually wait until seven minutes later to tell each other if a dangerous animal has disappeared.

Orangutans have a voice that warns each other. It sounded like we were calling a waiter in a cafe. This may sound like a warning to one another, but the beast that stalks them will know that the monkeys have found him. So the monkeys did not make an immediate sound, but waited for about seven minutes and then warned that there was a beast nearby.

In a forest in Sumatra, zoologists conducted a small experiment. They wore a tiger-striped robe and walked for about two minutes. At that time, there was a mother monkey on a tree.