Myanmar telecom operator Mytel launches 5G for the first time


Mytel launches 5G network in Myanmar in 2019 It was held on August 5 at the Sedona Hotel. Mytel has become the first telecommunications operator to bring 5G network, the latest technology to bring Myanmar a technologically advanced and robust country to its customers.

The event, led by Mytel officials, highlighted the 5G network and usage. Attendees also had the opportunity to experience VR technology and 4K video using the 5G network at the venue. Then, on the stage of the event, the speed of the ultra-fast 5G network was tested with a 5G capable phone.

Zaw Min Oo, Mytel’s Chief External Relations Officer, said: “Unlike previous wireless technologies, the advent of 5G has led to better changes and faster data transfer speeds. It will be a better experience to interact with each other with feedback. Although there have been significant changes in previous generations, but with the advent of 5G, we can completely change the way our daily lives and the performance of the devices we use are. Now our dreams will come true and we will soon see a digital social environment. We are also very proud to be the first telecom operator to bring 5G into Myanmar. ” He said.