MMA fighter Po Thaw reveals five top secrets that are hard to beat Aung San Suu Kyi


ONE Chmapionship has officially announced that it will be hosting the ONE: Inside The Matrix on October 30th. The match also featured Aung La Hsan’s belt-grabbing match and was of great interest to many. Po Tha, a well-known MMA fighter, said it was difficult to beat Aung La Hsan and revealed Aung La Hsan’s five secret secrets. Po Thaw said And then No. 2 is supported by the whole of Myanmar. Some players are not supported by the whole country. Some people don’t even know the country, but Aung Lan San knows the whole of Myanmar. He has that feeling.

He has been training since then. He is very good at potential. No. 4 Aung Lan Hsan’s GYM. In his GYM, he has different backgrounds, different backgrounds. Brendan Vera, who eventually descended from the heavyweight division to the light heavyweight division.

“I’m not sure if it ‘s true or not. I’ m not sure if it ‘s true or not. I’ m not sure if it ‘s true or not. I’ m not sure if it ‘s true or not. I’ m not sure if it ‘s true or not.” If the other person takes the opportunity to make a mistake, they can lose, but in percentage terms, Aung Lan San has a 95 percent chance of winning.

We actually had a child called the demands of championship challenger to become stable is seldom strong and do not give up access rules and is not afraid to compete because his people, it is difficult to know how to avoid mistakes, we must pray for the rest of the time will be led by just being the best, “we believe that the value has been opened under the Po and Santos are also in touch and are trained to develop and encourage a mutual opening in Japan. The current champions on the lower half 30 will no longer protect my palm, they’re vomiting San.