Intelsat 39 communications satellite successfully launched with Myanmar-owned satellite transponder


The Intelsat 39 communications satellite, which includes Myanmar-owned satellite transponders, will be launched at 4:17 a.m. US time (2am Burmese time). The Ariane Space Launch Base on the French Atlantic coast of North Atlantic has been successfully launched. About 35 minutes after launch, the satellite entered orbit.

Telecommunications Education Health The launch, aimed at developing satellites in agriculture and other sectors, will enable eight to nine times faster telecommunications in the telecommunications sector, as well as the ability to broadcast television to remote areas in remote areas and to broadcast internationally.

The satellite will provide better communications on land and sea, and will be able to launch its own component, previously used in Europe and the Middle East. It will be more convenient as it will be rented out from Africa and Asia and will no longer cost millions of dollars. An official from the Department of Technology and Cyber ​​Security said.