Huawei and Rainforest Connection launch technical partnership to protect Sumatra forests


Huawei Indonesia has launched a partnership with Rainforest Connection (RFCx) to turn Recycled Cell Phones into a solar-powered hearing device. The partnership aims to protect the rainforest in Sumatra. Data protection tools for protection; Innovative platforms will be created, such as storage services and precise data analysis of the forest condition. In this partnership, Huawei will provide technical support for capturing features in the rainforest and embedded in its smartphones, as well as Huawei AI technology, which will provide additional insights into the sounds of animals in the rainforest and provide much-needed support for endangered species.

Huawei’s partnership with RFCx began after Topher White unveiled his and his team at TedTalk 2014 to unveil old cell phones to prevent illegal logging. When Huawei offered Topher a partnership, RFCx discovered that they were already using Huawei’s Recycled Cell Phones due to their amazing durability. The technology is currently being used in 10 countries on five continents, covering 2,000 km2 of forest, including Sumatra.