Garment factories in Yangon will be allowed to reopen from October 12


The Ministry of Health and Sports has announced that the garment industry in Yangon will reopen on October 12.

Factory in Yangon Region Work Employers in work departments; If the workers are found to be complying with the directives of the Ministry of Health and Sports and the Ministry of Health, they will be systematically inspected and prepared to obtain Level A (COVID-19) disease control. Finished Handicraft (CMP) Factory; Workshops; Small Medium-sized enterprises will be allowed to resume operations from October 12 with the approval of the Central Committee for the Prevention and Control of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), Minister Dr Myint Htwe said.

The Ministry of Health and Sports is currently implementing the Coronavirus Disease 2019 COVID-19 prevention and control measures to ensure that the spread of the disease is more effective. / 2020 With the exception of the rule of living only at home

For those who are allowed, the amendment can be made by Order No. 108/2020 dated 22-9-2020; Take raw materials Finished Handicraft (CMP) Factory; It is announced that those who will work in the factories will not be allowed to go to work from 8-10-2020 to 21-10-2020 by order No. 113/2020 dated 5-10-2020 respectively.

At present, it has been found that it is necessary to adjust the health restrictions to ensure that the workers in these areas do not lose their jobs and to keep their businesses running smoothly.