Causes of High Infection in Yangon Good luck Yangon land


There is no New Normal. (Let me tell you – it was a scary place.

New Normal is actually a beautiful word. In fact, the Containment System is out of control, which means that the contai nme nt system has to be gradually relesae. In the Containment system, Lock Down is integrated. Containment system is not locked down. It’s like picking a frog with a sleeping bag.

The government was too late to lock down Rangoon. The reason for the delay is that Yangon is a mega city and it is lagging behind due to fears that the first wave will hurt the economy.

Another reason is that the government is worried that the people will not be able to vote in the run-up to the election. There are many people in Burma who are not afraid of the police. The government refused because it was not as bitter as asking the military for help.

The cities of China and Vietnam, which were successfully locked down, were the economic capital of Wuhan but not the main economic capital. Once upon a time, Danang was about the level of Taunggyi and Moulmein in Myanmar. They are not major business cities. That’s why it’s easy to shut down. As an authoritarian communist country, it is easy to do.

The closure of Rangoon, Burma’s main economic city, could not be closed because it was like a slump in Burma’s economy. Due to the above reasons, L D was late to Rangoon and Yangon surrendered to Kovis. Mask culture. USA President Donald Trump does not like mask culture. These are the boglans. So I copied it. The British Prime Minister also copied it. So, what will happen to the Wa and the presidents? It is a cure to get it.

There are a lot of such bugs in Burma. Not only do they copy, they also copy people from their home and work close to each other. Not only did he not know how to wear a mask, but he also took home a hand grenade that had been stripped of his pistol. I just broke up at home. So human greed has never been good. On the other hand, the government has turned its back on treatment and defense, and has also used defense forces. Defense forces are also weak in defense.

This is because in terms of protection, only one factory can be controlled in YBS and the market office and the rest is difficult to control. Sit next to the army. Doctors themselves have been harmed. I was hurt.

Mutual jealousy between some doctors; jealousy of some doctors; the need for accountability of some private hospital doctors; The controversy escalated, and the medical community was the most vocal critic of the government’s Covid control policy.

Doctors have identified medical pros and cons of the codid policy out of the pros and cons of government policy, and have added professional grievances to the government’s program. Some government doctors have done the same, mixed with grievances over interests and covid policies, and have mixed public opinion with their various opinions.

Disputes between doctors have hit not only senior executives but also the public. Their views have had a profound effect on the people of Rangoon, with a focus on socio-economic policies rather than discipline, and deviations from their original purpose.

In Rangoon, on the other hand, health authorities are less influential in terms of management than in rural areas. It took a long time to get away from big management. There was a lot of quiet time. Due to the nature of the people of Yangon, collateral damage has been exacerbated by the lack of solutions to problems with private hospitals and clinics due to the diversity of colors and interconnectedness. The population suffered from the recession and untimely medical treatment.

Rangoon has slumped under the rule of the uneducated, the ignorant, the ignorant, the ignorant, the ignorant, the ignorant, the ignorant, the ignorant, the ignorant, the ignorant, the ignorant, the ignorant, the ignorant, the ignorant, the ignorant, the ignorant, the ignorant, the ignorant, the ignorant. Recognizing the success of the Fokki Center and focusing on the expansion of hospitals and forgetting places like YGH, it is inevitable that infected patients will die in the hospital.